Friday, August 29, 2008

The Big Push

Well it has been almost two full weeks back in beautiful Gardez Afghanistan. The first week went by painfully slow, but the routine has started to come back to me. Just before I left for leave we got around $20 million in projects funded. With that, there has been a big push to get them all under contract, which started a few weeks before I left and is just finishing up now. That has helped to keep our engineering shop busy and being busy always helps the time go by. Some parts of this job are more rewarding than others, however, getting projects funded that you spent countless hours on, has to be one the more rewarding feelings so far. Not to mention that the two I worked the hardest on, a sustainable hybrid power system and a micro water treatment plant, will do great things for people who have never had power or reliable drinking water. All in all, with the big project push, meetings and missions, the focus still remains on the time left and getting everyone back to their family and friends.

Thank you and God Bless


Anonymous said...

Hey Marc,

It was great to see you!!!Golf was great, I wish we could have played another round. But that will be later...

Funny how things never change in the Military...Back in the 60's, yes I said 60's, I was a short timer....And believe me I let everyone know....Shorttttttttttttt was the phrase of the day, everyday..

How many days do you have left?

Well, Marc, talk to ya later.... Keep counting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marc:

It's always a great feeling to see the fruits of you labors come to fruition, Keep in mind....all of you in the engineering dept MAKE a difference and I am proud to say you are me nephew.

Hang tough... you will be home soon..
Owen can't wait to spend more time with you...

Stay safe and keep your head down.

Annie, Ken & Soni