Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Day

It was just over a week after Memorial Day, a day when the country pauses to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. On that day we lost two soldiers to a cowardly roadside bomb. The news reports say the soldiers were out on patrol, but they were really on a mission to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. They were there to help build schools, roads and most of all build hope in a place that doesn’t have much of that. They are heroes.


Anonymous said...

utnztThanks Marc,

But I have one thing to add.......You guys are ALL heroes..

Not just the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice...

To me, all the brave servicemen and women are the true heroes...

We Love you and are so proud of you.

Marilyn and Chuck

Anonymous said...

Chuck is right....every member of the Armed Forces are heroes! I believe in the end you will see that you have made a difference.

Keep up the good work. Stay safe. W will ll say a prayer in church for you tomorrow.

Annie & Ken