Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Long Pause

Once again it has been far too long between blog posts, and as usual I am going to use the old excuse that I have been very busy. However, more to the point is that I spent all of last week stuck at Bagram. Honestly though, if I had to get suck anywhere in Afghanistan, it would be Bagram Airfield. It initially started as an administrative trip, to do some odds and ends that needed to be done at a larger base. But after multiple days of cancelled flights, it turned into a glut-fest, with multiple stops at Burger King, DQ, Green Bean Coffee and Baskin Robins, all of which are not at Gardez. That was fun for a while but eating can only occupy so much of your day, and the rest of time I was floating around on a base that wasn’t mine and that had no real use for me. I joked about stopping by the civil engineer squadron and seeing if they needed any help (that was never more than a joke for sure).

However, I am now back in Gardez and getting back into the flow of real life, not BAF life. I’m back to hiking to the bathroom, eating the lousy food and doing work, but most of all I’m back to my little part of Afghanistan.

Thank you and God Bless.


Ryan said...

Damn, a BK? Do Whoppers taste the same? You must have gotten a Whopper so you've got to know. Anyway, Afghany BK's are not my concern; seems like you're holding up OK. You're due for a visit to Fantasyland though. We miss ya.

Anonymous said...

Marc, WE are so PROUD of you and what you are doing!

Take Care and hurry home

Marilyn and Chuck